A woman who was visiting her god child in West Devon attacked a female police officer who was called to a domestic dispute.

Manuela Ferrigni became upset during the incident and was caught on police body cam as she pushed Pc Frances Percival so violently that she fell over, grazing her knee and breaking a rib. 

Ferrigni was in Beaworthy visiting her god child and their family when one of them suffered a mental health episode which led to police being called to check their welfare.

This led to the confrontation in which 52-year-old Ferrigni attacked the officer while trying to get back into the house from a patio.

Former civilian police worker Ferrigni, of Springdale Road, London, admitted assaulting an emergency worker and was fined £300 with £900 compensation by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court. 

He told him: “Police had responded to a call for assistance and when they arrived they found a fraught domestic situation. The body worn video showed how you interacted.

“You were aggressive and made it harder for the police to do their job. You moved quickly towards the officer and knocked her to the ground before you were arrested.

“You know from your work you have done for the police during a long career how being assaulted can affect a police officer’s ability to do their job in the short term.”

 The judge ordered Ferrigni to pay the fine and compensation out of £2,800 a month she receives in various benefits after being shown a schedule of her income and expenditure that showed she is currently paying £160 a month for a cleaner.

He said: “If that means that you have to clean your own home, then so be it.”

Mr Brian Fitzherbert, prosecuting, said police were called to the address on February 17, 2021, and Ferrigni had been asked to remain outside by police.

She started shouting at officers and challenged them to arrest her before she pushed over PC Percival, who fell heavily on the patio, injuring a knee and breaking a rib on the left side of her body.

Ferrigni claimed in a prepared statement that she had walked towards the police and been thrown to the ground. She initially claimed to be acting in self-defence.

 Mr Ian Morrell, defending, said Ferrigni has mental health issues of her own and is currently living on benefits which only cover her basic outgoings. He said she is remorseful and has written a letter of apology.

She has no previous convictions and is highly unlikely to reoffend.