Children from St Stephens Community Academy in Launceston have been discussing “rights” as part of their weekly Key Stage 2 UNICEF assembly.

All the children sat in their class groups and discussed their rights, they then had to agree which rights they felt were the most important in their class.

Each class has nominated two class members to be part of the ‘UNICEF Steering Group’; the Steering Group make sure that pupils’ voice is heard and respected across the school. It was a lively and positive experience with the children confidently involved and willing to have their voice heard.

Maura Furber, headteacher at the school said: “Well done to the Steering Group members who recorded and shared their class’ decisions. The chosen ‘rights’ go alongside the class charters and our whole school ‘Rights’ Charter. We felt the new year was a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate what is important to us and what our responsibilities are.

“The children in our school have the responsibility of being the ‘Rights Holders’ and all the staff have the responsibility to be the ‘Duty Bearers’.

“The staff are proud to respect, protect and fulfil our children’s rights.

“Some of the rights that the children discussed which link to the UNICEF Articles are:

Article 28: We have the right to learn and have an education.

Article 12: We have the right to be heard and listened to with respect.

Article 6: We have the right to be treated with kindness.

Article 17: We have the right to get information in lots of ways so long as it is safe (e.g. online)

Article 29: We have the right to use resources that the adults think will help us learn and develop our personalities in the school environment.

“Great team work and Advocacy Team St Stephens.”