Students at St Joseph’s School in Launceston have been getting up to all sorts of activities this week.

In maths, Year 1 pupils have been adding up three numbers by looking for doubles and number bonds. Using their skills, they played a highly charged game of skittles, showing great teamwork, taking turns to bowl and work out the scores.

Down in Reception, this week saw the class’s eggs hatch and students welcome five new members of Reception Class, Salt, Pepper, Chip, Biff and Kipper.

St Joseph’s U11 football team went on an incredibly exciting trip this week as they travelled to St George’s Park, home of the England national football teams. The team got to take part in the ISA National finals.

Pupils part of the school’s Senior School Engineering club also had great success this week in making brilliant process with their petrol-powered go-kart. The chassis has now been started, and as the team have mocked up the position of all major parts of the machine.