Staff at a Launceston care home were delighted to support one of their resident’s realise their dream this week by holding a charity fundraiser.

Resident, Debbie Macauley at Kernow House had wanted to raise money for the PDSA with a cake sale so staff at the home made her wish a reality proving the old adage, it’s never too late. Debbie used to work for a baker, so a cake sale was a perfect idea.

The cake sale raised £180.90, money from Dress Down Fridays came to £36.80 and donations following the event £30.20 making a very impressive total of £247.90.

Debbie has lived at Kernow House for two years and is beloved by staff and residents alike.

Staff at the home were delighted to be a part of making her dream come true, as they knew how much it meant to her and many wanted to be there to see the smile on Debbie’s face when her dream was realised.

Staff first found out about Debbie’s dream a few months ago and, ever since then, they have been dedicated to helping her achieve it. Debbie was also accompanied by relative’s who were there to witness her cake sale.

In response to this wonderful event, Debbie, said: “I always used to give regular donations to PDSA because I don’t like to see animals suffer.

“I used to have dogs and my dog Baba was very special. The staff have made and donated lots of cake for me to sell and they also been very good at buying and eating cake.”

Leigh Stanley, general manager at the home, said: “We believe that every moment is worth cherishing. We want everyone we care for to know how important they are to us here at Kernow House.

“It is testament to the hard work and dedication of the team here in making our residents’ dreams come true.

“It was wonderful to see how happy Debbie was — and the staff loved being a part of this as well.”