A NORTH Devon community is fighting for one of its roads to be repaired as its condition is causing ‘dread’ among drivers.  

Leworthy Road, not far from Holsworthy, has been causing nightmares for residents forced to use the route.  

Pictures show the dire state of the road surface, littered with holes, bumps and loose tarmac.  

Residents have expressed that the state of the road is not only taking its toll on their vehicles but also their businesses.  

One business owner, who runs a B&B along the street, has said that the state of the road is causing guest opinions to be ‘significantly tainted’.  Following, their stay some guests have even commented on the road conditions. One wrote: “The rutted and rough track leading to the house is disappointing. Nevertheless, we had a most enjoyable visit and thank you.”  

With another commenting: “The first would be filling in to potholes on the drive as I am not surprised another visitor had a puncture.”  

However, it is not just visitors to the area who have been affected by the road’s condition, residents have said that large vehicles, such as school busses are even refusing to use the road, fearful that their vehicles may be damaged.  

A resident explained: “We walk the half mile down the lane to the ‘main’ road, the Holsworthy to North Tamerton Road on a daily basis to meet our children from the school bus. The bus refuses to drive down the lane as it is so poorly maintained. My children have injured themselves falling over and tripping on potholes.”  

Some residents have even said that family members and friends refuse to visit due to the state of the road, worried that the road’s condition may affect their cars as they battle to traverse its bumps and dips. 

Herbert Morely, who lives in the area, told the Post: “The situation is getting pretty dire for the residents and businesses here.  

“The road has been deteriorating for ten years from a few potholes to the state it is in now.”  

Forced to use the road, Herbert says that he now ‘dreads’ using the route.  

He continued: “The road has been patched (badly) for many years but now only resurfacing in places will do any good with serious patching in others.”  

Despite residents contacting Devon County Council on multiple occasions to raise the issue, nothing has yet been done to truly remedy the issue.  

However, following the Post’s enquiry about the issue, when asked about the situation, a Devon County Council spokesperson said: "Patching work is due to take place in the worst affected sections of Leworthy Road as soon as our contractor is available."