An exhibition by artist Francis Salvesen showcasing ‘The Joys of Being British’ will feature paintings of Launceston Castle and Dartmoor Ponies.

The exhibition will be held at London’s Mall Galleries from March 13 to 18, and is a celebration of some of the best things about Britain.

“There is so much about Britain to feel joyous about,” says Francis, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. “I thought it about time we celebrate them!”

Among the works are a painting of an NHS nurse, British traditions, such as playing conkers and cheese-rolling, native wildlife, such as grouse and red squirrels, and national treasures including Brian Blessed playing Shakespeare’s King Lear, and the Princess of Wales.

Francis paints landscapes and animals in the UK which inspire him. He chose to paint Launceston Castle, due to its rich history and stunning location.

He said: “Launceston Castle has for centuries been the centre of intense drama and history, from battles to executions. Its string of famous owners is testament to the castle’s lasting importance. The castle is resplendent, and I wanted to capture its unique beauty.”

As for why he chose to paint Dartmoor Ponies, Francis said: “The Dartmoor Pony is an iconic and special breed. While shaking their manes with the allure of wildness, they’re kind, gentle and calm with incredible stamina. I wanted to play homage to these remarkable creatures, perhaps as an expression of gratitude for the hard work they have done from medieval times through to world wars.”

The Joys of Being British exhibition takes place in Mall Galleries, London, from 10am to 5pm Monday, March 13, to Saturday, March 18. Admission is free for all.