There are some big stories inside this week’s Post. In Launceston find out how residents are tackling the news that the Leisure Centre is set to close its doors at the start of 2023 and the ways in which they hope to fight the closure to keep the centre, which taught many of us to swim, open.

In this week’s issue also find out about some of the issues being faced regarding new bus services to Exeter after one user of the service found that a group of students had been left stranded without transport due to issues on the line.

Towards Holsworthy, find out about a local farm who overcame their struggle when faced with having to close down operations by transforming into a campsite. 20 years on, Headon Farm has received a national award, marking them as one of the best in the country.

Over in Camelford, an auction has raised thousands for charitable causes, find out how some of these charities aid our local area.

As well as all of this, find out about all of the ways your area is planning on welcoming the festive season with parades, chances to meet Father Christmas and big light switch ons.