IT was a gruelling test of strength for Penny Baxter on August 24 as she ran, walked and crawled the 55.8 miles from Bude to Exeter in aid of charity.

Penny is a member of the Bude Animal Free Research UK group and raise funds specifically for the charity funded research at the RILD Building in Exeter. Penny handed a cheque to Professor Lorna Harries (below) who in exchange handed Penny a vegan magnum. Penny had blogged her training runs and it was noted that she often headed for an outlet selling her favourite reward.

Steph Jones-Giles community ambassador for Bude group said: “Penny was a complete novice at running and since beginning training in January. She put her heart and soul into completing this phenomenal challenge.”

Penny has raised over £2,800 for Animal Free Research UK. To donate visit