FRIDAY, August 4 is the one day a year that is commemorated to giving a hoot about our owls.

It is an annual event which is recognised across the world. Its main intention is to spread awareness, learn about their habitat and understand how we can protect them.

In the UK there are five resident species of owl:

  • Barn owl
  • Tawny owl
  • Little owl
  • Long eared owl
  • Short eared owl

Owls in the British countryside now face a number of challenges and changes to their environment including agricultural practise, fewer suitable nesting sites and the building of new roads.

Sue Gear from Born to Be Wild in Bude has been rescuing owls for a number of years.

Here is a selection of a few that Sue has taken in for rehabilitation:

Let us know if you've done anything for international owl awareness day! Email - [email protected]