A HEALTHY Hearts - Healthy Minds workshop came to St Stephens Community Academy last week to show how exercise can help not only with your physical health, but your mental health too!

Maura Furber, the school’s headteacher said: “At St Stephens Community Academy our pupils’ wellbeing and mental health are an ever present priority and we are delighted that Arena Sports support us with tailor made workshops.

“Last week Year 3 took part in the Healthy Hearts-Healthy Minds workshop with Michelle Roberts, where the children were taught exercises to help them with their thoughts and feelings. They took part in mindfulness sessions and a relaxation session through Yoga and Pilates. After lunch, they had great fun taking part in a Zumba session, learning a routine to ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’.

“The children were able to learn ways in which they can relax and were given opportunities to explore how they are feeling and ways in which we can positively support our mental health.Each child created a Dream Catcher using a mixture of natural and man-made resources to help them to have positive dreams and to help ‘catch’ any negative thoughts or feelings they may be struggling with.

“The children learned five ways in which they can ensure they develop a ‘Healthy Mind’, these were:

1. To keep talking

2. To take notice

3. To stay active

4. To give

5. To learn news skills.”