Students at St Joseph’s School in Launceston have been challenging themselves this weekend as they began training to take on the Ten Tors.

Starting at Nodden Gate (Lydford), students set out across the moors towards Okehampton Camp, encountering all the colours of the weather on their travels, fog, rain, sleet, hail and even a small glimpse of sunshine.

Despite the weather, in the earlier stages, the group had a blast making their way to Sharp Tor, Chat Tor, and Great Kneeset, with the trudge to Great Kneeset particularly squishy underfoot, but powering through, their laughter could be heard across the moors.

The inescapably steep hill to ‘Steeperton’ Tor proved to be another challenge, but they took it in their stride!

Approaching Okement Hill and Oke Tor, the weather cleared up and the group were able to enjoy some beautiful views of the moors, a great reward for some great, hard work.

Despite the damp and cold conditions, the team remained in high spirits, and we managed to set a pretty brisk pace throughout the walk. Well done to Lydia, Erin, Rosie, Sarah, Sophie, Jack, Tom, Harry, and Theo, who were all stars, and kept evryone motivated throughout the walk.

A spokesperson for the school said: “Overall, it was a wet and wild adventure on the moors, and the team should be proud of their progress in their navigation and teamwork skills. Plus, we all got a good workout and a story to tell! Well done, everyone!”