A trip in a hot air balloon gave one local couple a once in a life time opportunity to look down at where they live from the skies above.

Lorna Hunt and her husband took part in a hot air balloon ride, organised by Virgin, in the early hours of Monday morning (June 5).

Lorna explained: "We got to Lanson Rugby Club for 5.30am, and after a safety briefing, we helped the crew set up the balloon (which all the men loved!).

"Once the balloon was inflated, 12 passengers and Steve, the pilot, climbed into the basket."

The trip took a group up and over the houses and fields of Launceston.

Hot air balloon in Launceston
Launceston castle (Lorna Hunt )

"You stand up, and you're flying. It was the most amazing experience. You completely lose your sense of direction and have no idea how far you have flown!

"After about an hour flying, the pilot needs to find somewhere to land. The ground crew contacts the landowner, and down we go." Lorna continued.

After the balloon was deflated, the group were able to enjoy a glass of Prosecco .