A search and rescue operation has been resumed this morning in Calstock after reports that someone may have fallen from the viaduct into the River Tamar.

The Devon and Cornwall Police diving and marine unit are on site to continue the search that started at 3.20pm yesterday and involved police helicopters, fire crews and water rescue teams and MOD police boat launchers.

The search was suspended last night at 5.30pm due to light and tidal conditions. So far no one has been located in the river despite an extensive search of the river around the quay, viaduct and riverbanks.

Dive supervisor for the Plymouth-based team Stuart Tucker said: 'Due to the flow of the river and the access complexities, it's just a case of doing an assessment and continuing the search in the river.

'It's just problematic at the minute because of the tide state. Nothing has been confirmed yet. The information we have is from an eye witness report so we will keep searching.

'We're going to be searching today with appropriate equipment and if need be we will dive tomorrow probably.'