If your house is feeling a little cramped, these tips could help you feel like you have a whole new space.

Aside from giving away unwanted belongings to charity, there are plenty of ways to open up the space in your home, from clever storage solutions to creating the illusion of roominess.

Use vertical storage

Hooks to hang pans from can be a useful addition in the kitchen. (Ron Lach on Pexels )

When you don’t have much space, it can feel like there is nowhere to put your belongings, and your home can start to feel cluttered.

Adding in lots of low drawers and chests could make the space feel even more cramped, but vertical storage - like drawer towers, tall cupboards or hooks - can maximise the space you have without feeling like there is no room to move.

Add mirrors

creating space
Position mirrors so that they reflect light from outside. (Minh Pham on Unsplash)

Adding mirrors into your space can make a room look larger, when positioned cleverly.

Pop a mirror on the wall near or opposite a window and it will bring the outdoors in, meaning that you will be able to see nearby greenery even when not standing by the window.

Change up the lighting

creating space
Floor lamps can help make a room seem taller. (Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash)

Using more than one lighting source in a room will illuminate dimmer corners and maximise the space that you have.

Floor lamps that tower over seating can help a room seem taller, and backlighting furniture can make it seem like there is more depth to your room.

Use lighter colours in the room

creating space
Using lighter colours can be a great way to make a room seem bigger. (Spacejoy on Unsplash)

Dark colours across an entire room can create shadow and make a room seem smaller than it is.

Lighter colours on the walls, like pastels and neutrals, can help reflect the light that enters the room and make it seem airier.

An accent wall with a dark or bright colour can change the appearance of the room's shape - but make sure you research how to do this.

Reorganise your furniture

creating space
Position furniture so that it is not pushed up against the walls (Kam Idris on Unsplash)

Keeping furniture against the wall can contribute to the cramped feeling of a room.

If you leave a little breathing room for your sofa, TV and cabinets, it will make the area feel roomier. Low furniture can also make a short room feel taller.

And the essential key to maximising your space - keep it simple. Lots of end tables, ornaments and clashing artwork will make a room feel cluttered.

Got any other space-maximising tips? Share them in the comments below.