‘Noodles’ the tortoise escaped from his home in Marhamchruch on May 25. Andrew Youldon who found Noodles, had been driving home from work when he noticed a ‘strange looking rock’ in the road. After realising what the rock actually was, Andrew popped Noodles into a box and took him home. 

Milly Moore, Andrew’s wife, explained: “I posted on some local to groups trying to work out where he’d come from”

After a couple of hours, Milly received a message from a man informing her that it was his mother's tortoise and that she only lived a mile up the road. 

“We exchanged numbers and the man’s dad gave me a call explaining that they’d gone away for a few days that morning so he must have got out shortly after they left. We learned that the tortoise is a boy called “Noodles” and that he has a history of escapology” Milly continued. 

The owners of Noodles will be returning soon to reclaim their beloved Noodles, but in the meantime, Milly and her family are looking after him.

Millie said: “Our two-year-old is absolutely thrilled, she’s fallen in love with him and carries him around everywhere”