The South West is set for even more grey weather as the Met Office issue a weather warning for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow (November 15), the South West is set for more wet weather as the Met Office has issued a yellow rain warning. 

Between midnight and 6pm, Devon and Cornwall can expect heavy showers. 

Residents can expect spray and flooding on roads which may make journey times longer; bus and train services could possibly be affected with journey times taking longer; flooding of a few homes and businesses is possible, and there may be some interruption to power supplies and other services. 

Discussing how to stay safe in heavy rain and flooding, a Met Office spokesperson said: “Follow this three-point plan to check and be prepared: Check if your property is at risk. 

“If you are at risk, take the next two steps to protect your property when you need to: Prepare a flood plan and prepare an emergency flood kit.”

They added: “It is safer not to drive in these conditions but if you must drive you can do this more safely by: Slowing down, using main roads, using dipped headlights, giving yourself more time to react on slippery surfaces, and keeping a bigger gap between vehicles.”