I refer to the correspondence between our MP Scott Mann and Connect Bude reported in the Post dated November 8. 

 Mr Mann’s statement that “The truth is Bude is more connected now than it was when I became MP in 2015” is incorrect and simply not the truth.  In 2015 we had a two-hourly service direct to Exeter, including connections to the early train towards London and also a late evening bus.  Now we have three-hourly at best, over a shorter part of the day, with an unreliable connection with trains at Okehampton.

Scott seems to forget that Exeter is our public transport hub, not Bodmin or any other Cornish town.  Unless we want to travel further into Cornwall, we use Exeter as a hub to get to almost any other part of the world.  It is the most vital link for our local economy.

When I started to travel frequently to London for work 20 years ago, we had an hourly coach service, operated by First Group so it always connected with the trains, which went under the bridge in Holsworthy and then fast along the A30 dual carriageway from Okehampton all the way to Exeter. It was much quicker and more convenient than the present arrangement of changing from bus to train in Okehampton.

For Mr Mann’s statement to be true, we will require a proper rail link bus service, connecting with every train at Okehampton, so hourly, and an early morning train from Okehampton to Exeter.

David Hill-Smith

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