Students in Launceston have pushed themselves to the limit recently, as they completed the 3 Tors Challenge.

Pupils from St Stephen’s Community Academy in Launceston have done their school proud after two teams finished the tough challenge.

The event saw the groups push themselves physically and mentally as they battled the cold, wind, and rain across the moor.

Staff and students at St Stephen’s have expressed their pride at the hard work and determination demonstrated by the 13 pupils that were put to the test.

Maura Furber, headteacher at the school, said: “We are immensely proud of the two teams we sent from St Stephens Community Academy last week. They have worked hard training for the event over five sessions run by Arena’s Wild Tribe and in collaboration with Aspire Outdoors. They have gained knowledge of how to behave in a wild place, learnt how to navigate using a map and compass and developed skills in leadership and teamwork.

“The 3 Tors Challenge is a gathering of young people in a wild space with physical and mental challenges to overcome. The hope is for all to connect, love and care for nature and experience adventure in the moment and beyond!

“A huge thank you to the staff for organising the event and our very own Mr. G for accompanying our superstars. They all made it to the top of each summit – great determination, resilience, co-operation and mutual respect.

“Go Team St Stephens!”