Windmill Hill Academy in Launceston are celebrating following their return to the classroom as they have been awarded the Silver Impact Award by Picture News. 

Picture News are an organisation which help provide resources for schools to create engaging and exciting lessons, “allowing opportunities for children to learn about our world, develop independence, resilience, respect and unlock their own drive and passion for learning.”

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “Teaching the news not only provides great content and stimulus and grips children’s attention, it is also something that the children can impact. It is current, happening now and so their voice is given meaning and purpose. It is our world and we all matter.”

Following their entry into the Picture News Impact Awards, Windmill Hill Academy are proud to have achieved a silver award, something which recognises their work keeping pupils engaged in current issues. 

The school has had a particular focus on the environment. Abby Bassett, Headteacher at the school explained: “Through pupils’ learned and lived experiences at Windmill Hill Academy from the Early Years to the end of Key Stage Two, we hope to inspire in our pupils a life-long passion and ambition to improve our environment, to work to reverse climate change and to take care and responsibility for their own actions. We provide opportunities to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the importance of nature, sustainability and the causes and impact of climate change and to translate this knowledge into positive action and solutions.”

The school has held a number of educational activities to teach students about the environment and sustainability, these include the creation of a Community Larder, organising Pupil Parliament Groups, holding a Walk to School Week, and exploring how they pupils could reduce their own use of single-use plastics. 

As well as this recent award, in the summer term 2023, the school was awarded the Silver UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award, which stated: “Children who spoke had a good knowledge and understanding of children’s rights.” The school hopes to equip the next generation with the skills to engage in current issues affecting us all.