A LOCAL group are hoping to transform the perception of their town and shine a light on some of its local businesses with a new ‘town brand’. 

Launceston Town Plan Group — which includes Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Launceston Town Council, Community Development Trust, Launceston Life and the Orchard Centre — together with Gendall Design have announced the launch of a vibrant new brand identity for the town. 

The strategic rebranding initiative aims to position Launceston as a ‘premier destination’ in Cornwall, attracting visitors, businesses, and residents alike. 

The hope is to bring some consistency within the town’s marketing. 

Tash Baskerville, culture and place shaping lead at Launceston Chamber of Commerce, said: “This has been a community-led project over the past 18 months. 

“The brand came about due to feedback from businesses and residents over the past few years via Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Launceston Town Plan Group surveys. Feedback shows they wish to see more joined up marketing across the town.”

Tash continued: “There are so many proactive groups that do wonderful things for the town but, as with a lot of voluntary roles, resources are limited. The brand aims to grant ownership to the community to use it themselves, to use it for their own projects that benefit the town. The more who use it, the more this recognisable theme is seen throughout the town and beyond.” 

Uniting the town’s businesses includes the addition of a new logo for Launceston.  

A spokesperson for Gendall, the company responsible for leading the project, explained: “Rolling fields and hills blend with Launceston’s historic Southgate Arch, to form a distinctive and ownable ‘L’ indent for Launceston town. Creating a strong sense of place that has real meaning to the thousands of local people and visitors, encouraging a sense of community ownership and support, youth engagement, connection with nature, and economic and community development. 

“In addition to the new logo, Gendall has developed a comprehensive brand toolkit that includes typography, imagery, and messaging guidelines. These assets will ensure consistent and cohesive communication across all touchpoints, reinforcing Launceston’s brand identity and creating a memorable experience for all who encounter it.” 

However, reaching a design which represented the town, was a complex task. 

A spokesperson continued: “The consultation for the brand included scrapbook walls where everyone could leave their thoughts on the town. The process revealed repeatedly that every person has their own unique story to tell - whether local ‘Lanson’ born and bred, a new resident, a visitor, someone thinking of moving there, or a business wanting to invest in the town long-term, Launceston will reveal a story that’s unique to them. 

“Tales are woven into the rich heritage where there is so much to discover; from hidden paintings in walls to reservoirs under the town streets, there’s a hidden gem everywhere you go. The new brand identity captures Launceston’s unique spirit of people and place, drawing on the findings from the consultation process, the rich heritage, the character of the landscape and other features such as geology and vernacular architecture, whilst thoroughly embracing and looking to the future through connectivity, visionary energy strategies and interconnected communities.” 

With the designs now complete, the real work now begins. Launceston Chamber of Commerce want to hear from residents about where they want a focus.  

“Signage was one of the main drivers behind the brand, using a recognisable theme to make the town easier to navigate is one of the key uses,” Tash continued. 

“One of Launceston’s charms is its narrow medieval streets and unexpected character so, as part of the exercise, we would like to hear from locals of any spots that they think are overlooked that can form part of a navigation exercise. Once we receive feedback the aim is to approach funders, but they will need to see buy-in from the local community. I would like to see pole banners going down St Thomas Road or throughout the journey around the town to create more connectivity from other areas. 

“The future, however, is entirely dependent on receiving help from anyone who is interested in coming aboard. Perhaps to help with providing ideas, initiating or following up potential uses for it, or maybe they have their own project or asset it can be used for.” 

Anyone interested in the campaign can contact Tash via her email: [email protected] or drop in at PLACE architects Ltd, M4KE on Race Hill or at the VIC to express an interest.