THERE ARE plans to build three more homes in Pipers Pool. Pre-application advice has been sought for the scheme which the applicants say is infill development. The site is adjacent to the junction of Pool Road with the A395 and was originally used for an animal shelter and then a workshop, but it is now redundant and overgrown.

n PERMISSION has been granted for a conversion of a large shop into a smaller shop and residential flat in Launceston. Mr Graham Clarke applied to Cornwall Council for permission to change the property at 3 Exeter Street, Launceston, with permission granted by Cornwall Council.

Concerns were raised by Launceston Town Council about the use of UPVC windows and doors on the building, which is within a conservation area, but they added that if Cornwall Council planning agreed with these windows, they would be happy to support the application. Historic Environment Planning also raised the same concern, noting that while the building is not listed, it lies in a conservation area and does have architectural merit as an early 20th century Art Deco building. They have requested that if permission is granted, the proposal to change the existing door and windows to UPVC is to timber units as UPVC is inappropriate for this area.

Cornwall Council granted the planning permission subject to a condition whereby the windows and doors are of a timber construction and retention.

n PLANNING permission was deemed required for a change of use application to convert an agricultural building into a guest house. Cornwall Council declined prior approval for the property on Wainies Brook, Higher Crackington, Bude by Mrs Angela Swann, which would have involved a change of use to a Class C1 (Hotel) purpose. The applicant attempted to use permitted development to permit the work, something which Cornwall Council disagreed with, stating it required planning permission. Four residents objected to the change of use application, citing concerns of the impact of the development and alleging work had already taken place prior to the application.

In its response, Cornwall Council said that that the conversion is not considered to “constitute permitted development due to the fact the existing building is in use for domestic storage purposes and not in use for agricultural purposes in relation to an agricultural trade or business. Therefore, the building is not therefore an agricultural building and that furthermore, the extent of the curtilage proposed to serve the building as depicted by the red line area exceeds that permitted within the definitions.”

n PERMISSION was granted for the conversion of a seven-bedroom guest house to a residential dwelling in Bude. Mrs Paula Lyons had applied to Cornwall Council to convert Wyvern House on Downs View, Flexbury into a residential dwelling. In the application, Mrs Lyons cited a decline in trade for the desire to close the guest house and convert it into a dwelling.

n A DETACHED home will be erected on land east of Atlantic View Hotel in Tintagel. Mr and Mrs May applied for permission to construct a detached residential dwelling and associated car parking.

n A RETROSPECTIVE planning application has been submitted to build a timber cabin for tourist accommodation with a hot tub/sauna and solar array at North Beer Farm, North Beer Lane, Boyton.

n PRE-APPLICATION advice has been sought for plans to build a house on land southeast of Tresuevic, Tremaine.

n THERE are to be 186 free standing solar panels will be installed on land southwest of Broomhill Manor in Poughill, Bude. Mr and Mrs Trotter applied for permission for the solar installation, which was granted by Cornwall Council, conditional to the land being restored to its original condition within six months of the cessation of electricity generation.

n PLANNING has been applied for to convert a barn into two homes at Weekstone Farm, Pancrasweek, Holsworthy.

n THE EMPTY shop at 3A Chapel Street, Holsworthy could be turned into a home – planning has been applied for change of use.

n A NEW bungalow will replace a stable building at Old Park Cottage, Thornbury, Holsworthy. Planning has been granted.

n PERMISSION was granted under permitted development rules for the conversion of an existing agricultural barn to a residential dwelling (Class C3) on Pitt Farm, St Mabyn. The applicant, Mr Lawton, has applied to convert the barn into the property. Cornwall Council confirmed that the work, which involves proposed alterations to interior walls, doors and windows in addition to an upgrade of walls and roof to meet current building regulation standards falls under Permitted Development rights, with prior approval not required for the work.