Holsworthy Town Council will be levying a precept of £188,350 in the coming financial year to pay for the ongoing running costs of the town council. 

The precept is collected on the town council’s behalf by Torridge District Council and the town council’s share of the precept represents an increase of 57 pence per month for a person paying the full Council Tax charge on a Band D property compared to last year. However, 76.5% of the properties in the Town fall in into Council Tax bands A to C and will therefore be paying less than this.

Holsworthy Town Council own and manage most of the recreational green spaces as well as five public footpaths in the town. 

The council also run and organise a number of community events throughout the year. Its budgeted expenditure is in excess of £225,900 for 2024/25 versus an estimated income of £37,550 

Councillors felt that in the context of ‘very real threats’ to some of the frontline services which are maintained by the district and county councils in the town (for example; emptying of waste and dog waste bins, toilets, counter service, grass cutting, highways maintenance etcetera), it was imperative to levy a realistic precept. 

The local precept covers the upkeep of Stanhope Park along with Badock and Rowland Gardens, as well as the management of the weekly Pannier Market, and events throughout the town including the very successful Christmas Switch on. 

The Mayor of Holsworthy, Cllr Nigel Kenneally, said: “During 2023/24 the Council has been involved in many projects throughout the town such as installing new lights in the Park, work to improve the access to Badock Gardens and also sought to source external funding as much as possible including the successful funding bid that helped to enable the Coronation Celebrations and the Christmas Switch On Event.  

“In 2024/25 funding for projects will be pursued that will further improve the facilities in the Town including refurbishing the Sun Louge in Badock Gardens, extending the CCTV coverage in the town and working with partners at Torridge District Council to progress on off road cyclepath between Bude and Holsworthy, the refurbishment and reopening of Coles Mill Viaduct and improvements to both Manor Office and the Market Hall .

“Other projects to be pursued in 2024/25 include improving the appearance of the Town Centre, renewing some of the paths within the Park and the continuance of working with partners including Torridge District Council and Devon County Council to improve facilities and access to services for all the community of Holsworthy.

“In setting the council’s budget for the financial year ahead, the town council has kept expenditure down to a minimum and endeavoured to make as many savings as it can within the town budget. Councillors will continue to weigh up the cost of any expenditure against the benefit to the community.”