Kivells report on Thursday 21st December, a small but quality run of Cattle at Hallworthy to a tremendous trade.

Top spot going to R T Crabb of Boscastle with a run of Simmental x Cattle, their best a pair of 19 month Steers to £1560, next a single Steer to £1485 and a black shapey 18 month Simmental to £1450.

C W Eddy of Grampound with a super Aberdeen Angus Steer at 20 months to £1300.

Top Heifers again from the Crabb Family with a pair of fleshy Simmental Heifers to £1335 and another at £1330.

C W Eddy had a sweet Aberdeen Angus x Heifer to £1200.

Younger Cattle from P J Jones of Okehampton saw his smart 13 month Charolais x Steer to £1000.

All Draft Ewes very much sought after, up around £20 ahead. Overall average of £97.84.

Top being £129 from Harry Tamblyn of Morval Barton.A flying trade for all weights of fat lambs, with 15 pens over 280p to a top of 291p for two pens of 40.6kgs, £118 from Rundle Weldhen of Trekenning, Newquay.

Mervin Gimblett of Churchtown realised 288p for two pens of 43kgs, £124.

Top per head was £129 from Steve Goodman of Greystone. 

All Store Lambs met a very fast trade, several pens around £100 to a top of £110 from Messrs Stanbury of Great Kellow Farm, Lansallos.

The Partners and staff at Hallworthy wish purchasers and vendors seasons greetings and a prosperous new year.