IT was a busy night for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service as they attended reports of multiple flash floods across North Cornwall.

During the evening of Monday, March 25, locations in North Cornwall fell victim to flash floods causing havoc for motorists and others alike.

Locations affected by the incidents included St Merryn, Ruthern, Wadebridge and Padstow.

At St Merryn, two people were rescued from the roof of their car, while at Rumford, near Wadebridge, two separate incidents took place involving two males and one male respectively, being rescued from flooded cars.

Other incidents included one in the hamlet of Ruthern, where a female trapped in a flooded vehicle was rescued by fire crews.

Pro-active work by Padstow Community Fire Station, alongside their colleagues at St Columb saw multiple rescues.

After checking several further known flood spots, three more cars were rescued in the process.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: “This evening (March 25) Cornwall Fire and Rescue service have attended a number of incidents involving persons who had become trapped in their vehicles after driving into flood water. Incidents have happened at St Merryn with two persons rescued from the roof of their car.

“At Rumford, Wadebridge there were two separate incident were two males were rescued from a flooded car, there was also a second incident where a male was rescued from his flooded vehicle. At Ruthern a female trapped in a flooded vehicle was rescued by firefighters.”

Padstow Community Fire Station also revealed details of calls they had been involved in, adding: “We were called to reports of a vehicle in flood water along with St Columb Community Fire Station, who after assessing conditions closed the road from Winnards Perch towards Padstow.

“Once the crew had removed the car to the side of the road we checked several other known flood spots, removing three more cars in the process.

“The roads around Padstow remain flooded with plenty of surface water.

“If you have to travel this morning (March 26), please drive safely.”