‘TAVISTOCK? Not in a million years — because I’m Cornish!’ Launceston has the location manager for the Dawn French and Emilia Fox Sky 1 television drama to thank for bringing filming to the town.

Johnny Bamford, who lives in Crackington, is the location manager for the second series of ‘Delicious’, which is currently filming in Launceston at The Walk/Parade Ground. Filming will also take place tomorrow (Friday) on Broad Street in the former JAG shop, and the town square, and on Castle Street near the Eagle House on Monday.

“Launceston has been very helpful,” Mr Bamford told the Post, who knows the positive effect filming can have on an area — he has also worked on Doc Martin and Poldark. And he has close links to the town — having studied at Launceston College.

“Producers wanted to go to Tavistock, I said ‘not in a million years’, because I’m Cornish!

“Us being here will raise the profile of Launceston. Cornwall Council don’t realise how big an economic pull it is.”

Adding his gratitude that local people have been ‘positive’, he said: “They say great, bring it on. This town needs a boost.

“I remember well from my days of yore. It’s got its own problems. We change the public perception outside of Launceston — this will go out to, I don’t know the viewing figures — three or four million? The economic knock-on, it’s not instant, but it’s worldwide.

“This particular show is very rich and colourful. It’s about dysfunctional families and is a vehicle for Dawn French to show her talents.

“Launceston has got some lovely architecture. We’ll see what it looks like.”

Filming for the first series of the Cornish-set drama took place in Calstock, but Mr Bamford wanted to bring filming to Launceston because of the town square. He added: “Initially Calstock had been the town, but it wasn’t big enough, it didn’t have a centre.”

They have 11-hour shooting days ahead of them, currently filming a stunt on the steps of the Parade Ground involving a bicycle crash and ‘a bit of a fight’. The crew will then rig up the former Jag shop ready for it to become Friday’s set.

The programme is about a love triangle between Sam (Emilia Fox), Gina (Dawn French), and celebrity chef Leo (Iain Glen — Game of Thrones), who narrates from beyond the grave.

The second series reunites the cast with writer Dan Sefton (Good Karma Hotel, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) and director Clare Kilner (The Wedding Date).

Dawn French said: “I am utterly delighted that there will be more of Delicious. It is that rare thing where everything from every department comes together well, and Dan is already cooking up some remarkable storylines. I can’t wait to be back in Gina’s apron, up to my elbows in flour and up to my neck in trouble. Bring it on!”

Emilia Fox said: “I am absolutely thrilled that there is going to be a second helping of Delicious! It was a delight to work on in every way and the response from the audience was such a joy. I can’t wait to be back working with Dawn and the wonderful cast and crew on more Delicious storylines from Dan. Thank you to Sky for inviting us back!"