Charlotte Brown lost her 13-year-old horse field tortoise, ‘Percy’, on May 25 near Holsworthy. 

Charlotte was confused as to how Percy could have disappeared from his enclosure.

“I have no idea how he got out as it’s impossible to climb. People have suggested a bird of prey can pick them up. A total mystery!” She explained. 

Charlotte then took to Facebook to alert people in the local area of Percy’s disappearance asking for people to keep a look out for him. 

And only a day later Charlotte was contacted by someone from Madewell Farm in Hatherleigh who had picked up a tortoise that had been wandering down the main road of Bodmin Street, Holsworthy. 

Charlotte said: “Our three-year-old daughter, Isla, is super excited to be reunited with our little adventurer! We thought there was no hope.”