AN application for 20 new homes, on a development south of North Road in Lifton, has been denied planning permission by West Devon Borough Council.

The council’s planning and licensing committee went against the officer’s recommendations and refused planning permission.

On West Devon Borough Council’s planning website the application received 25 objection comments — including one from Lifton Parish Council, with none in support.

Cllr Chris Edmond, council member for the Tamarside ward but not on the planning and licensing committee, provided reasoning given for bringing the planning application to the planning and licensing committee in the planning application report.

He suggested that approving the application would ‘undermine the Neighborhood Plan process’ and raised concerns over drainage and flood risk issues as well as traffic and highway safety.

One resident, who lived on North Road in Lifton, submitted their objection to the plan, suggesting that Lifton and Tinhay should be kept separate.

They said: “We would like to object to it [the planning application] for the following reasons. Due to the increase in traffic to the school and doctors we feel in view of the narrowness of North Road it cannot cope with the extra traffic these houses will create.

“We believe there has been a sustained attempt to keep Lifton and Tinhay separate and that this should continue to provide green space in the village.”

Residents objected to the planning application mainly on the grounds that more houses sited on North Road would only increase the issue of flooding.

One resident said: “During my time in the village I have noticed an increase in flooding, especially in North Road. If you build on this field surely the water will either flood North Road and the houses more often than now or the water will run down to the main road and bungalows.

“This planning application will have a negative impact on this beautiful village and it could lose the identity of Lifton.”

Concerns were also raised about the new homes not being in keeping with the current aesthetic of Lifton.

Although 40% of the homes would have been classed as ‘affordable housing’ the planning application was denied.

The West Devon Borough Council held a vote which saw six votes to three to refuse the application, due to the visual impact to Lifton’s aesthetic, the issues raised over insufficient roadways and a possibility of increased flooding.