Public thanked after Launceston thief caught

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Monday 15th November 2021 4:57 pm
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POLICE in Launceston have thanked the public for their help in apprehending a shoplifter who targetted a number of retail premises in the town.

A Launceston Neighbourhood Team spokesperson confirmed: “On Thursday, October 28, Launceston Neighbourhood Team arrested a 34-year-old male, suspected of a string of shoplifting offences who had been repeatedly targeting retail premises in the Launceston area. ?

“He was ?remanded in police custody later that day having been charged with six theft offences totalling in excess of £700 worth of goods.? He appeared in Truro Magistrates Court on October 29 and pleaded guilty to all six offences. He was also wanted for offences in Liverpool and will be sentenced for all matters by Liverpool Courts of Justice.”

They added: “Launceston Police would like to thank the retail outlets for their ?support in identifying the offender and providing the evidence required to bring him to justice.”

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