£60,000 has been allocated by Bude-Stratton Town Council as a contingency towards the Compass Point program.  

In a recent meeting of the full council, it was confirmed that the council had agreed to meet a funding gap of up to £60,000 if required, although it is hoped that the National Lottery Heritage Fund will offer additional support. 

Although, due to the time constraints, the town council has set aside the money as a contingency if required, it was also confirmed that two experienced contractors attended an interview on Monday, March 6 and more will be confirmed in the near future.  

During the meeting, the council also received a report on the Wheeled Sports Facility project. As yet, the funding applications for the proposed sports facility have been unsuccessful, with a large reason being that the project is, in the eyes of the funders, not sufficiently well developed.  

In order to stand a better chance of getting funding in future applications to the Lottery and Community Levelling Up programme, the town council has agreed to use £50,000 set aside in reserves for the facility to move forward with the commissioning of the design and planning permission elements of the project.  

A presentation was given during the meeting by the North Kernow Community Housing land trust, a community land trust for Bude and the surrounding areas. Councillors were given a presentation outlining how the trust would work and the representatives explained how they wanted to build a portfolio of houses to deliver affordable rents to the community.  

Bude-Stratton Town Council also agreed to continue supporting the school holiday food and activity programme, delivered by LJD coaching and has agreed to spend up to £6,300 to deliver a four day Easter holiday activities and food session for children in Bude and Stratton.  

In other news, the Lower Wharf Kiosk has been tendered to the highest bidder at a bid of £18,300 per annum and in the closed session of the council, a discussion was held regarding the future of the Post Office and local store in Stratton. It was agreed by Bude-Stratton Town Council to continue to explore the potential purchase of 1 Lords Court, Stratton.  

With only six weeks to go until No Mow May, the council has also noted support for the Environment and Climate Change Forum’s Bio-Blitz event, which will take place towards the end of May. The idea is to find and record plants and insects on Summerleaze Downs, upload the information to nature recording websites, and engage with the general public and specialist groups to see how they can enhance nature in the community. The council confirmed there will be more to follow on this soon.