The Compass Point Project has officially reached the half way point in its progress. 

Now in its fourteenth week, the Compass Point Project has been working to save one of Bude’s most iconic structures. The Storm Tower is facing the dangers of coastal erosion and as such, a project to restore and protect the Pepper Pot was devised. 

Over the last three months, a specialised team of workers have been precisely dismantling the tower, with the plan of relocating further from the cliff’s edge. 

A spokesperson from Bude-Stratton Town Council said: “The dedicated team has been diligently working on the dismantling process, carefully removing the stone section by section. The majority of the tower has been successfully dismantled, leaving just a small portion at the bottom yet to be removed.” 

If this wasn’t hard enough, the team involved has faced some challenges in their work. The fragile stonework has posed some complexities for preservation, however, thanks to the skill of the team as much of the original stone has been salvaged as possible, allowing the tower’s historic identity to be maintained. 

The spokesperson continued: “The race to dismantle the tower before the cliff becomes more unstable is completing just in time as new and significant cracks have appeared in the cliff area next to the site. 

“As we continue on this incredible journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved, from our dedicated team members to our partners and the entire community. Together, we are preserving our rich heritage and crafting a legacy that will be cherished for generations to come.” 

From here, work will begin to reconstruct the tower in its new home, starting the journey to restore the Pepper Pot’s iconic cliffside silhouette.