Gold has been shining around Bude this week as part of a campaign to raise awareness for childhood cancer. 

Talan’s Trust, a local charity, has brought a bit of shine to the coastal town in the name of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’s ‘Go Gold’ campaign. 

Talan’s Trust is a cancer awareness charity which was set up after Talan Penny, an 18 year old Bude local was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a type of soft tissue sarcoma that grows in active muscles of the body. 

The trust now carry out a number of awareness and fundraising campaigns in aid of those suffering from the same. 

This month the charity has turned the streets of Bude gold, decorating the town with golden bicycles. Sarah Penny, Chair of the trust, explained: “There are 17 bikes out in Bude and surrounding schools, we hope to have even more next year! 

“They each represent a child who has either lost their life to childhood cancer or can no longer ride their bike due to disabilities caused by the very treatment given. 

“Each bike has a leaflet with the signs and symptoms on one side and a photograph of Talan on the other. 

“Talan who the Trust was set up for remains at the root of all we do. He was an active, healthy normal 18year old when he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma a type of childhood cancer. 

“Our mission is to empower parents and caregivers with knowledge of what to look out for, early diagnosis is key to survival.  We want everyone to know the signs and symptoms.  

“Sadly childhood cancer remains the biggest killer of children in the UK.” 

The trust has also provided resources to local schools to help educate about the issue. 

Sarah continued: “The local schools have been sent a link for the leaflets so they can be put in a prominent place in each child’s house. 

“During the coming months we hope to extend this into Dr surgeries and prominent places so they are easily accessible to all. 

“The most important thing is if you think something is wrong with your child get them checked out at your doctors, remember you are your child’s advocate and no-one knows your child like you do.” 

More information about the charity’s work can be found on the trust’s social media and website