A property site has announced that Cornwall was one of the most-searched locations in the UK in 2023. 

Rightmove revealed in new figures that the county placed second in its list of locations buyers searched for the most frequently. 

Cornwall was only beaten by London, which saw a one per cent increase in buyers searching for the capital city. 

However, Cornwall saw a drop in buyers looking for homes, with searches dropping by 18 per cent across the year. 

Cornwall also did not make the top ten list of renters looking for new homes, suggesting that it is a more popular area for those who want to own their home or have a higher income. 

Rightmove’s property expert, Tim Bannister, commented: “Many traditionally popular areas maintained their allure amongst buyers, whilst cheaper areas were also high on the list for buyers last year with affordability stretched.”

Rightmove also offered their insight into how the property market could behave in 2024, predicting that average new seller asking prices will be 1 per cent lower nationally by the end of 2024, as competition increases among sellers to find a buyer.

Tim added: “While it is early days for the 2024 housing market, it will be key to monitor activity as it ramps up through the end of winter and into spring, particularly to track whether sellers are pricing attractively enough to agree a sale with a buyer quickly.”