Last week I chaired the Fisheries All Party Parliamentary Group in Parliament with over a hundred people joining the meeting from the industry online.  

Last week we discussed fishing in the data age.  There is little doubt that up-to-date and accurate data is essential for well-informed fisheries management. Obviously the fisheries industry is central in this due to their experience, their time at sea and their knowledge of the sector.  

This role is increasingly being realised through a range of measures, including both compulsory regulations and voluntary collaborations with scientists.  

Fishers can feel negatively impacted by regulatory measures that necessitate data collection, for reasons such as a greater administrative burden, technical difficulties in ensuring compliance, or feelings of unnecessary scrutiny of their livelihoods. 

It is essential to ensure that data collection methods are straightforward and that collected data is used effectively and fairly, in collaboration with the fishing industry. This meeting examined ways to strengthen efforts to make this a reality across the UK.  I would like to thank all those who took part.

Last week I also met with Calor to discuss the impact of government energy policy on housing as well as pubs, hotels, b & b’s, farms, care homes, etc in rural areas.  They also wanted to discuss a new part of Calor’s fuel portfolio, which is a sustainable and a low-carbon fuel produced from renewable and recycled carbon, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% compared to diesel and heating oil and will be produced from household non-recyclable rubbish, producing a low-carbon fuel that can be used by domestic, commercial and industrial off gas grid customers.  I look forward to getting an update from them in the future.

At Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs questions in the main chamber I raised the issue of how we are managing sea use around the UK.  In particular I wanted to ensure that all users have a say in how are seas are used.  I believe that this is important so that we can maintain our waters effectively.

Back in the constituency after a surgery I met with the Police at their street stall in central Liskeard.  It was good to see the police actively listening to local people and hearing their concerns.   I would like to thank Alison Hernandez, our Police and Crime Commissioner, for taking this initiative.

My staff and I also took part in the minutes silence one-minute silence on Friday marking a year since Russia’s barbaric full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  It has become clear that Vladimir Putin has miscalculated the resolve of Ukrainians to defend their country, the world’s horror at his barbarity and the determination to support the Ukrainian people.  So far the government has provided dozens of unmanned drones, hundreds of armoured vehicles with £4.6-billion of military support.  

We have issued over two hundred thousand visas and tried to stop Russia’s ability to make war with the largest package of sanctions Russia has ever seen.  I will continue to back the government determination to ensure that Vladimir Putin fails.