CAMELFORD Young Farmers’ Club had lots to celebrate at the show, as their fairytale cubicle themed display picked up first prize.

The club was given the theme ‘the boy who cried wolf’, and their impressive big top cubicle display was awarded the Lady Molesworth-St Aubyn Challenge Trophy.

Camelford YFC chairman Natalie Pethick said on winning: “It was a bit of a shock — when we were putting it up we thought there was a lot of competition this year. We’re really proud.”

It took around a month for members to make. Natalie added: “Lots of people did lots of little things, in the end it all came together.

“We got given a theme each — we got ‘the boy who cried wolf’. We didn’t know what to do, we thought it seems a bit of a difficult one, but everyone had an idea and put them all together.”

Launceston YFC’s cubicle ‘The Three Little Pigs’ picked up an award for best handicraft, a quilt by Emily Brookham, who received the trophy for most overall points at the show.

Kelly Evans, county organiser, said: “It’s an excellent standard across all competitions this year. The cubicles are outstanding — absolutely brilliant. I think an increase in membership numbers driven by our project 1,000 — to achieve 1,000 members — that’s helped boost numbers of entries in the competitions as well.”

The marquee was packed on Saturday afternoon for a fun record attempt cream tea eating challenge. The event involved a member from each of Cornwall’s 20 clubs competing.

There was a first round where five people each ate five ‘half scones’ in two minutes, then a final with those five people. The winner ate three and a half. The winner was Richard Blake from St Columb club.

Roddas provided the cream, Warrens bakery provided the scones, and Boddingtons provided the jam.

County chairman Ed Harris said: “The YFC marquee was packed with people. We also did our presentation of prizes for the YFC competitions, which took place at the show. Launceston were the overall winners and Camelford won the cubicle exhibit competition.

“The event was also a great way to promote YFC and shine a little light on our Project 1000 membership campaign to reach 1,000 members by 2020. We currently have 812 members, which has seen an increase of approximately 100 members from the previous membership year.

“YFC is a rural youth group, not just for farmers, available for anyone aged between 10 to 26. Our members have weekly meetings and event and is a great social opportunity. We have a busy competitions and events programme across the county, from sports, performing arts, public speaking, as well as international travel opportunities. Our members take part in a host of charity fundraising and collectively our clubs raised £59,000 for charity in 2017. For more info and to get in touch find us on Facebook or visit