Fire crews have been battling a farm fire in Holsworthy Hamlets since yesterday afternoon, after 40 tonnes of straw set alight.

At 12.20pm yesterday afternoon, fire crews from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue received reported fo a barn fire at a farm in Chilsworthy.

Devon and Somerset, Cornwall, and special appliances were all in attendance of the incident.

Road closures and cordons were put in place due to potentially one tonne of fertiliser being involved and residents are being asked to keep windows and doors closed due to the smoke plume.

 Crews used breathing apparatus, jets and ground monitors to prevent the fire escalating.

Officers liaised with the farmer regarding cattle in a nearby shed as they may be affected by the smoke plume from the incident. 

However, by 2.26pm crews carried out a tactical withdrawal due to a heavy asbestos presence in the fire. One tonne of fertiliser has also been confirmed as being involved. 



A spokesperson from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue said: "We have got two crews still there dampening down hotspots and assisting with the use of farm machinery to move the hay bales outside.

"The barn was fully involved in fire, a tractor, other farming machinery, fertilisers and 40 tonnes of straw was involved. A nearby river was used for water, residents were asked to keep windows and doors closed."