The Transport Minister, MP Karl McCartney, visited Camelford with MP for North Cornwall Scott Mann and Cornwall Council members, Rob Rotchell and Barry Jordan, to discuss the A39 bypass scheme.

The meeting aimed to keep the bypass project at the ‘top of the agenda’.

Local MP Mr Mann said: “It’s really important that we keep the Camelford bypass scheme right at the top of the agenda in the Department for Transport.

“I’m very motivated to deliver as it is something that successive governments and MPs have been unable to do.

“Camelford really needs it if we are going to be able to provide the kinds of opportunities for local people that I want to see in future.

“I also remain concerned about air quality and this was something I made clear to the Minister. We were also about to discuss our ambitious levelling-up bid for North Cornwall where we hope to bring the Camel Trail through communities to Camelford.”

The Minister for Transport took a tour of Camelford Town Centre and was also shown where the planned bypass will start and end.

Also on the agenda for discussion was the plan for a cycle way including the Camelford and surrounding area, which Mr Mann is keen to see as part of Cornwall’s £132-million Shared Prosperity Fund allocation from central government. 

MP Karl McCartney said: “I’m really pleased to be able to visit this great part of North Cornwall.

“Scott has obviously championed the A39 bypass scheme to unlock the potential of Camelford for several years with former Transport Ministers and my current colleagues in the Department of Transport, and both I and they will be happy to continue discussions with Scott when we return to Westminster in a few weeks time.

“I also enjoyed learning more about North Cornwall’s levelling-up bid for a cycle way which includes the environs of Camelford.”