Today (April 30) sees the much-anticipated visit of the historic Flying Scotsman train to Cornwall.

It will be carrying a day-trip rail tour from Bristol Temple Meads to Par station, where it will stop for three hours before returning to Bristol Temple Meads in the evening as part of centenary celebrations marking 100 years since it was built.

After leaving Plymouth, the service will cross the Royal Albert Bridge before passing through Saltash, St Germans, Menheniot, Liskeard, Bodmin Parkway and Lostwithiel before reaching Par. The historic record-breaking train, built in 1923, will be running on steam to Plymouth before being diesel hauled to Par. but it is set to leave Par hauled by steam later on in the day.

While rail tour operator Railway Touring is not revealing publically what times it is set to arrive at different stations, the schedule for the train has been made public by train timetable website 'Real Time Trains' - revealing where it will be and at what time.

Watching the train safely

GWR has confirmed that Par Railway Station will be inaccessible to non-ticket-holding passengers between the hours of 12:30 pm and 17:30pm today for safety reasons. Therefore, those hoping to see the Flying Scotsman arrive at Par may be turned away if they are not at the station for the purposes of travelling.

However, if you are planning to watch the arrival or departure of the Flying Scotsman from a vantage point, please remember the following.

  • Do not use flash photography. Flash photography may distract or startle the driver of trains passing by, and in between the Flying Scotsman there will be a regular railway service continuing to operate.
  • If you are at a station, follow any and all instructions from station staff. Do not cross the marked line on the platform and do not lean over onto the track.
  • Do not encroach onto private land which you do not have prior permission to access.

Do not:

  • trespass on to the tracks or any other part of the railway that is not available to passengers
  • climb on any structure or interfere with platform equipment
  • obstruct any signalling equipment or signs which are vital to the safe running of the railway
  • wear anything which is similar in colour to safety clothing, such as high-visibility jackets, as this could cause confusion to drivers and other railway employees
  • gather together in groups at busy areas of the platform (eg customer information points, departure screens, waiting areas, seating etc.) or where this may interfere with the duties of station staff or passengers boarding trains or moving around the station.

More guidance on what you can and can't do if at a railway station can be seen on the Network Rail website:

Where to watch the Flying Scotsman online

The arrival and departure of the Flying Scotsman passing Saltash Station will be available to watch on a livestream courtesy of Railcams in partnership with Saltash Town Council.

The train is set to pass through Saltash at 13:58 pm, so to catch the train it is best to start watching the stream before that in order not to miss out seeing it cross the Royal Albert Bridge. If watching it return across the Tamar, it is set to do at 18:51 pm.

What times will the Flying Scotsman be arriving at and passing through Cornwall?

Plymouth - arrive at 12:48 pm, depart at 13:44 pm

Saltash - 13:58pm

St Germans - 14:04pm

Menheniot - 14:12 pm

Liskeard - 14:17 pm

Bodmin Parkway - 14:30pm

Lostwithiel - 14:34pm

Par - 14:45 pm arrival

What times will the Flying Scotsman be leaving Cornwall?

Par - 18:06 pm departure

Lostwithiel - 18:15 pm

Bodmin Parkway - 18:20 pm

Liskeard - 18:36 pm

Menheniot - 18:39 pm

St Germans - 18:45 pm

Saltash - 18:51 pm

Plymouth - 19:16 pm