Eagle-eyed visitors to Tintagel village and its surroundings may have spotted a helicopter flying over Tintagel Castle last week. 

The helicopter, seen carrying a large bag, was the responsibility of English Heritage. 

As well as offering a rather special sight for onlookers, it also provided a more unique way to receive a delivery – although the parcel didn’t need to be licked shut, have a stamp pasted in its top corner, or be delivered by somebody in a Post Office uniform.

The organisation – responsible for the upkeep of Tintagel Castle – was carrying out essential maintenance on pathways surrounding the site, meaning visitors to the area got to see the special delivery of much-needed gravel.  

The charity has already prepared the paths for repair by scarifying the surfaces and removing loose material. The helicopter has now delivered bags of gravel to the site which will be laid down in the following two weeks.

The pathways are vital to help preserve the ecological environment on the island. 

A spokesperson from English Heritage explained: “As a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), encouraging visitors to stick to the pathways while walking around helps preserve the ecological environment for future generations to enjoy. 

“However, over the years, the surface has incurred some wear and tear.” 

Hannah Monteverde, Tintagel Castle Manager, said: “It’s not every day that we get to see a helicopter hovering over the castle. It’s been really exciting for our team to watch! In our usual maintenance work, everybody generally has two feet on the ground, but there actually many diverse ways in which English Heritage cares for historical places.  

“It’s great to show off a more unusual and exciting project here at Tintagel Castle this week. 

“We look forward to welcoming visitors for the upcoming Easter holidays when work on our new pathways will be complete.”