The government has confirmed to South West Water that it will continue to provide the £50 annual rebate to customers until at least the end of March 2024.

The £50 subsidy, which was first announced by the Government in 2012, will continue to help those who have had to pay water bills far in excess of the national average for many years.

Local MPs, including St Austell and Newquay’s Member of Parliament Steve Double, have been campaigning for the retention of the rebate.

Steve said: “During the current cost of living challenges and increase in some utility bill payments, I am pleased to have successfully worked with MP colleagues to make the case to the Government for the continuation of the £50 annual South West Water rebate. I am pleased that the Government has listened and confirmed they will be continuing funding this payment to all of South West Water’s customers.

“This announcement coming shortly after confirmation that all customers will be receiving a £30 rebate following the recent ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign to reduce demand while water stocks recover, will be welcome news for all households.

“I will continue to do all I can to work with South West Water to keep water bills as low as possible in our region, as well as working to ensure they continue to invest in infrastructure to reduce their impact on our environment across the South West, following the introduction of the Government’s landmark Environment Act.”