Everyone in the South West is passionate about our beaches and South West Water want everyone to feel confident in bathing water quality. That is why they are reducing the use of storm overflows and launching WaterFit Live ahead of this year’s bathing season.

The WaterFit Live map is designed to share information about the region’s bathing beaches,  location and performance of storm overflows and the company’s plans to improve water quality.

South West Water hope that sharing information about water quality at people’s favourite beaches will help them feel confident about our beaches and the quality of the water. The new system forms part of the company’s commitment to share more information with customers on both environmental performance and investment plans at the beaches across South West’s 860 miles of coastline. 

WaterFit Live will also share useful information about beaches helping to explain how the network and storm overflows work through user friendly, easy to understand explanations, animations and FAQ’s. It will highlight South West Water’s focus on maintaining the South West’s 100% bathing water quality standards.   

Through ‘Your Beach, Your Say, Our Investment’ customers will be able to share knowledge about their local beach and help South West Water prioritise their next round of investment from 2025. 

Susan Davy, Group CEO Pennon (who own South West Water), said: “We want people to feel confident about the water quality at their favourite beach and to know we are serious about reducing the use of storm overflows. WaterFit Live is designed to share helpful information about bathing water quality, the improvements we are already making and future investments.  The beaches in the South West belong to those who live in the region, are loved by those who visit the South West, and this is all about ensuring we share data, listen to the views of those who care, and work together to invest where it’s needed most.”

South West Water plans on expanding WaterFit Live so that it also covers river water quality later this year. There are currently no designated bathing rivers in the region, but the company is working on pilots for both the rivers Dart and Tavy to learn what it will take to achieve this.