The sister of Mike Allen, who died after being stabbed outside of a Bodmin nightclub in April is preparing to do a run in his memory.

Rebecca Dustan is preparing to undertake a half marathon to take place at the historic race track Goodwood to raise money for MIKES Trust.

She will be undertaking the run alongside Enzo, Mike's beloved dog, who was adopted by Mike's family after his death.

MIKES Trust is a charity currently being set up by the family of Mike Allen, in order to raise awareness and provide education about the devastating effect of knife crime, inspired by their own experiences.

A fundraiser has been launched, titled 'Enzo runs for Mike'.

In it, Ms. Dunstan describes what she and Enzo plan to undertake, writing: "Enzo lost his loving Mike on April 30th, 2023. Adopted by Mike's family Enzo is now training with Mike's big sister as they get ready for their first half marathon at Goodwood race course in Mike's memory. Enzo and Becky have just 15 weeks to put the work in and get the job done.

"Any and all money raised will be donated to MIKES Trust, a charity which is being set up by Mike's family which aims to raise awareness and to educate about the devastating effects of knife crime in rural areas."

You can find out more and contribute to the fundraiser here