Temporary measures have been put in place by Cormac’s Highways team to allow them to safely reopen one of the main routes into Launceston town centre.

Many local residents may have noticed a large quantity of heavy duty yellow dumpy bags have been placed against the wall adjacent to Race Hill which collapsed earlier this year.

An emergency closure had previously been implemented after the notoriously unstable wall, which is under private ownership, collapsed. Race Hill below the junction for Bounsall’s Lane was closed to motorists, with a diversion along Tavistock Road in place.

However, following assessment, Cormac’s Highways team have decided to temporarily fortify the structure until the owners come up with a more permanent solution. 

The road has since been reopened - improving access to the town centre.

A spokesperson at Cormac’s Highways team: “Following the failure of the private wall adjacent to the highway earlier this year, Cornwall Highways have undertaken an investigation and assessments of the structure and trees. 

“As a result, temporary measures have been put in place to support the wall until a permanent solution is undertaken by the owner. This has allowed us to safely reopen Race Hill, therefore reducing the impact on the local community and travelling public.”