A PROPERTY in Bodmin has been granted an extension of a closure order following issues with anti-social behaviour. 

The order was granted by Bodmin Magistrates Court on Wednesday, February 21, it is said to be ‘great news for local residents who have previously been negatively impacted by the tenants’ anti-social behaviour.’

Neighbours were subject to significant anti-social behaviour by the occupants of the address over a long period of time, which included various comings and goings by different people at all times of the day and night. 

The original closure order was granted after intelligence reports and crime reports were completed, and as a result of proactive work by the police team including carrying out a drug warrant and completing patrols of the area. 

In addition, local residents who had been negatively impacted by the occupants of the property provided statements describing the impact the incidents had had on them and what it really felt like to live near to the occupants of the address, which helped to secure the closure order against the property.

A closure order against a property means that no one can enter the property for a given period of time, and if anyone enters the property during that time, they could face imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Following the closure order being granted, local residents have been able to enjoy living without issues from their neighbours, and residents have told the police how much of a positive difference the closure order has made on the local area.

The original closure order was coming to an end, but has now been extended to prevent the original tenants from returning to live in the property. The extension has been granted to allow the housing association time to take legal action against the tenants and regain full possession of the property, and subsequently allow the property to be taken on and enjoyed by new tenants.

PC Andy Currie said: “It has been a real team effort working with our partners in the Cornwall Council Anti-Social Behaviour Enforcement Team and the relevant housing association staff alongside our own Devon & Cornwall Police team to secure an extension to this closure order.

“We believe this closure order sends out a really clear message to those considering behaving in a similar way - through our combined efforts with partner agencies, we will not tolerate this inconsiderate and disrespectful anti-social behaviour in our communities.”

This comes shortly after the police team in Bodmin, alongside partner agencies, secured an additional closure order on January 30 against an address which was causing serious nuisance and disorder over a six-year period.

Bodmin neighbourhood policing team are proactively tackling anti-social behaviour.