A policing team in Bodmin have issued a plea to parents after conducting a number of patrols outside schools. 

It was observed that parents were telling their children that when they saw the police, they were there to arrest the children. 

This has led to a plea being issued to parents by the police to stop doing so. 

In the statement, Devon and Cornwall Police said that they want children to feel happy to speak to police if they ever need their help, and that children shouldn’t fear them. 

A spokesperson for Bodmin Police said: “On October 10, Bodmin beat managers PC Williams and PC Currie have completed patrols at both Bodmin College and Beacon Academy. At this time of year, we complete numerous visits to all schools across the town to speak with all ages groups in an effort to educate and break down barriers so that children feel happy to speak to police should they ever need our help. 

“We have heard several parents today tell their children “the police are here to arrest you” or words to that effect. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS as it is counterproductive to our efforts — if they ever need our help (for example if they get lost / are missing) they must not be scared to come and ask.”