Plans have been submitted for a new village community hub in St Tudy which will also provide a permanent home to a pre-school. St Tudy Playing Field Trust has applied for permission to build the new hub on land at the village playing field.

Planning permission is already in place for a community sports hub to be built at the site, but those plans were ended after funding and grants were lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. However the trust does have funds for a smaller building which would include some of the facilities proposed, including a base for the village pre-school.

A statement submitted with the application states that these services are now an “urgent priority” for the village. It adds: “The proposals under this application are, therefore, for a much smaller building but one which will provide the current services that are so desperately needed in the community.”

The application explains that the temporary building currently being used for the pre-school “has served its purpose well but is very costly to run and energy inefficient”. It continues: “The pre-school has been an amazing success and has a waiting list of parents wishing to place their children.”

Under the plans the new hub will also provide a space for the village school and the pre-school for meals to be served. When not being used as a dining room it can be utilised as an additional classroom or meeting room.

To find out more about the proposals and submit comments search for planning application number PA23/02590.