PA23/06567: Amended plans for the construction of a new health centre in Bodmin have been submitted to Cornwall Council.

Bosvena Health, comprising the Carnewater and Stillmoor House GP practices in the town, have submitted updated, amended plans for the proposed health centre.

The proposed health centre is intended to be built on land owned by Cornwall Council adjacent to their Chy Trevail offices, in an area known as Beacon Technology Park and which was once part of the vast historic St Lawrence’s Hospital asylum.

These changes primarily comprise changes to the aesthetic to the building.

In the application to conduct the construction of the health centre without compliance to condition 2 – namely, that the building will be constructed to the plans approved, those behind the health centre plans have explained to Cornwall Council why the amendments are needed.

They said: “During the detailed design stage and number of minor adjustments to the window confugurations have been made, and a roof plant enclosure has been added to respond to building regulations updates.

“The condition relates to a list of approved drawings. We wish for these to be updated as follows:

“A010 - Proposed Site Plan - Rev C, changed to A010 - Proposed Site Plan - Rev D

“A110 – Proposed Roof Plan, change to A110 – Proposed Roof Plan – Rev A

“A200 – Proposed Elevations (Sheet1), change to A200 – Proposed Elevations (Sheet 1) – Rev A

“A201 – Proposed Elevations (Sheet 2), change to A201 – Proposed Elevations (Sheet 2) – Rev A”