ONE of the great local surprises in Devon and Cornwall last year was how Boris Johnson’s Government got behind the long proposed and campaigned for restoration of regular passenger trains on the Okehampton to Exeter Dartmoor Line – and once the funding had been provided, GWR and Network Rail were able to relay track and roll out a service in under two months, starting last November.

Since then the service has confounded critics and has continued to meet campaign group OkeRail’s predictions that it would be popular with people from across a wide area of West Devon and North Devon and Cornwall – and the train service will become hourly in frequency from May.

Now, in the manner of ‘slow television’ productions, National Rail has produced a video, filmed on a Blackmagic Pocket 6K camera for its Great British Journeys series, of a journey along the Dartmoor Line from Okehampton to Exeter as seen from the GWR train driver’s cab.

A spokesperson said: “With stunning views of cities, historic towns and villages along the line, the route from Exeter St David’s to Okehampton is a relaxing journey filled with so much to see. It’s short but sweet, taking only 40 minutes.

“The motion of travelling by train have been scientifically proven to help people relax, which is why we’ve developed the Great British Journeys series of the country’s most scenic train journeys – all shot from the train driver’s cab.

“Just sit back, relax, unwind and discover the ever-changing landscape. Don’t just take our word for it; hit the play button and see for yourself.

“Travelling by train is more than just a journey, so what are you waiting for #LetsGetBackOnTrack.”

The video can be viewed using the link