Callington Community Fire Station have recruited a new crew member.

Bossiney, ‘Boss’, is a 20-week-old Labrador whose litter was bred to become service, therapy, welfare, medical and assistance dogs.

All three services will benefit from Boss with the aim of a therapy dog within the Tri Service team — to support vulnerable individuals, support staff and promote mental health and wellbeing through a therapeutic approach.

A Callington Community Fire Station spokesperson said: “There are many individuals who may benefit from working with Boss which include; residential care homes, individuals with mental health in particular people with dementia, primary schools, individuals with learning disabilities/additional needs, vulnerable individuals and blue light staff (from the police, fire and Ambulance family).”

Boss has to go through extensive training over the next two years and will have to pass various tests along the way to ensure he is up to standard.

Once ‘graduated’ Boss will be able to be independent within the workplace and will be able to work with individuals on a one-to-one basis.

There will be further updates of Boss’ training and when his ‘go live’ date will be.