There was huge excitement at Kernow House in Launceston as two little miniature donkeys (Bucksfizz and Strawberry Mimosa) came by to visit the residents from Pennywort Mill Miniature Donkeys. 

Residents had also invited staff to bring little children so they could share the joy and excitement of seeing the donkeys, who are best known as ‘Fizz’ and ‘Mimi’.

Staff and residents at Barchester’s Kernow House care home had a wonderful time learning about the very friendly donkeys from Hilary and Chris Hogg, finding out about their habits and what they like to eat.  

Several of the residents and children got to feed the donkeys some of their favourite treats, which were carrots and apples, although they seemed to prefer eating the grass on the lawn.

General manager, Leigh said: “We had the best time with the donkeys, they are such gorgeous creatures.  Our residents loved spending time with them, I do hope they come back to visit us soon.”

Richard, resident ambassador at Kernow House, said: “It was so lovely to see the donkeys and get to stroke them, they were absolutely beautiful.  We all loved feeding them carrots!  

“I hope we haven’t made them too fat!”