A WEEK of activities at schools and leisure centres across Monmouth­shire will aim to reduce the danger of swimmers drowning.

The campaign was launched by a range of organisations including the Chepstow firefighters, Monmouthshire Council, the Severn Area Rescue Association and pupils of Chepstow School.

The activities for Drowning Prevention Week starts with a sponsored car wash at Chepstow Leisure Centre by local firefighters on Saturday (June 20) from 9am.

In the following week some 550 children will have water safety advice during swimming lessons and firefighters will visit to show how they deal with water rescues.

Monmouthshire Council's leisure service is also aiming to deliver resource packs to every school in the county.

There are activities during the week at Caldicot, Chepstow and Monmouth leisure centres and more information is available from your local centre about sessions.

Duncan Thompson, of Chepstow Leisure Centre, said: " We are trying to educate the public about being safe around water.

"It is not about being killjoys or people not enjoying themselves – it is about realising the dangers and educating people so when they go out they stay safe.

"Public swimming pools are great places to go because there are lifeguards on duty."

The Fire Service Benevolent Fund will be among the organisations to benefit from any money raised.